Mr. Horace Mitchell Bring Down That Wall

27 05 2010

Dear President,

I would like to express my disappointment in regards to the CSUB and Chicano Commencements. These two events are very important for me, my family and many other graduating students at California State University , Bakersfield . Because these are the only opportunities we get to share the completion of a long educational journey I expected the university, my university, to provide a sufficient amount of tickets and the proper venues for these special events.

I am upset that the Chicano Commencement Ceremony will take place (again) in such a small place, the Dore Theater. My feelings have already been expressed to M.E.Ch.A. and their response disappointed me even more. I learned that your office and the office of Bill Potter have been unresponsive and neglectful to the requests made for using the Icardo Center as location for the Chicano Commencement Ceremony.

Students at CSUB have been successfully encouraged to complete our educational goals and as we make our best efforts to achieve this objective, the number of candidates for graduation increases every year, and with this, the need for more suitable locations to hold the commencement ceremonies.

I took the time to write this message because I was already disappointed to learn that we will have limited seating at our Chicano Commencement Ceremony and I was hoping that by participating at the CSUB Commencement we would have a better opportunity to invite our extended families to celebrate our success. Why is the amount of tickets limited for our CSUB Commencement when the event is taking place outdoors in such an open place as is the amphitheatre? Furthermore, I feel as if we are being slapped by the institution for fencing the surroundings of the amphitheatre so no one is allowed to enter our ceremony without a ticket.

What is the point of acquiring a higher education degree along with an immense educational debt if we are not allowed to celebrate our accomplishments with the ones that mean the most to us? It is important for us that our extended families and friends attend our ceremonies so that they visit our campus and get to know our faculty and administrators.

With that being expressed, I hope that you and your administration reconsider the venue to be used to celebrate the Chicano Commencement and the unnecessary use of restrictive tickets and fences. My hopes are to receive a speedy response on this subject; I can be contacted at 661-342-3631.

In advance, thank you.


Cecilia Arámbula Medina

Chicana Candidate for Graduation 2010

California State University, Bakersfield



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