CSUB – Modern Language Programs – Dr. Jess G. Nieto Executive Director Heritage of America Educational & Cultural Foundation

15 10 2009

Dear Mitchell,

I was shocked and  dismayed to learn about the proposal for certain programs (foreign language programs, Chicano Studies and other ethnic studies programs)  to be eliminated at CSUB due to the current financial crisis at the CSU system.  I cannot understand why something of this nature is even being considered.

I will attend the  meeting planned for tonight at CSUB to learn more about the crisis, to protest theses actions, and I will distribute this information to others in the community.  I strongly urge that you not give in as President of the University to those around you who may have been advising you to support this action.  I assure you that this potential action would create an enormous tsunami of political and social protest from many different segments  of the community.  The University would be harmed irreparably and would create deep and profound community and academic wounds that perhaps would never heal.

Once again, as President of the University, I believe strongly that you  must provide leadership to see that these types of programs are not jeopardized or negatively affected.

Dr. Jess G. Nieto
Executive Director
Heritage of America Educational & Cultural Foundation




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