18 09 2008

Hello Friends,

This is a Special Edition of the Parra Notes. The following is a copy of a press release that I sent out today to correct errors and misleading statements in today’s Bakersfield Californian newspaper.

September 17, 2008


SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Nicole Parra (D-Hanford) released the following letter to the Bakersfield Californian in response to a misleading column in today’s newspaper:

“September 17, 2008

Lois Henry
Bakersfield California
1707 Eye Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Dear Lois,

It is with extreme disappointment that I read your article in today’s Californian. Disappointment because you seem to have completely dismissed the real impact of my tenure in the State Assembly and commitment to my constituents in the 30th Assembly District, just for one of your cheap headlines. Being an Assemblymember involves introducing and passing bills, which I have successfully done. But more importantly, being an Assemblymember requires one to introduce issues into public debate, and fight for your people and priorities. This I have done with much effectiveness, often bringing Legislative leaders from Los Angeles and the Bay Area into the District.

During my six years in office, I have brought a number of key policy makers into Kern County and the 30th Assembly District to witness first-hand the needs and concerns of my constituents. Rather than making decisions in a vacuum from their offices in Sacramento, I brought Assembly Speakers, Committee Chairs, and fellow legislators to the District so they see the impacts of their decisions on the fantastic people of the Central Valley.

Since you have blatantly failed to notify the readers of this newspaper, let me remind you of just a few of the things I have accomplished. Former Assembly Speakers Herb Wesson and Fabian Núñez, and current Speaker Karen Bass came to the 30th Assembly District to gain a greater understanding of the impact of water and agriculture on our communities.

Working with Occidental Petroleum and others, I brought a number of legislators on a tour of Kern County’s oil-producing lands and facilities. Kern County is the leading oil producing county in California and legislators were able to better grasp the economic importance of this energy activity on our towns.

I have served as past Chair of the Select Committee on Water Infrastructure and the Economy, holding an informational hearing on the status of the restoration of the San Joaquin River and its impact on surrounding communities. Last year, I brought together local potable water supplier entities in the 30th Assembly District and the State agencies of jurisdiction for an open dialogue to discuss water quality, reliability, and availability within the Southern San Joaquin Valley. The meeting included approximately 35 representatives from the District – from Alpaugh to Arvin – and numerous state agencies.

Any journalist worth their salt knows that the Valley cares about solutions, not ideologues. And my record of working across the aisle is both well known and very productive. Always working in a bi-partisan manner, as my constituents have repeatedly asked their elected officials to do, I have worked on important economic development issues. In 2005, I held an economic development conference in Bakersfield with State Treasurer Phil Angelides to address job retention, development, and tax credits. From getting Governor Schwarzenegger to sign the Executive Order creating the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley to leading the fight to protect jobs at Lemoore Naval Air Base from federal cuts, I have been there in the trenches for our communities when they needed it most – providing economic opportunities for our families and neighbors.

On the Assembly Floor, I have effectively and judiciously used my vote to protect the interests of Kern County and my constituents. When the Kern County Board of Supervisors asks me to oppose cuts to funding for critical services, I have stood firm in my opposition, even when that meant going against well funded special interests.

In short, I have been a dedicated stalwart for the people of Kern County and the 30th Assembly District. That is why I have been elected three times in three vigorous contests. The people recognize that I consistently stand up for their issues, for their concerns, and for their priorities, even when that means I have to buck my party and pay a high price in Sacramento.

Lois, get your facts straight. You have been sitting alone at your desk for over a decade. Get out from behind your blinders, get out in the real world, and you’ll see and hear that Nicole Parra has been a champion for the wonderful people of Kern County and my district, because these great people deserve nothing less from me.”


Member of the Assembly
30th District

# # #




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